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List of Items for a Beginning Sheep Farmer, Part One: Tips and Resources for Beginning Sheep Farmers

This article was featured in the Summer 2017 Quarterly. by Ulf Kintzel “What do I need when I start?” It is a question that is posed to me often. The almost inevitable follow-up question almost always is “Where do I get it”? I figured I should compile a list of items that one needs and while I am … Read More

Have you checked out the new USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service resources?

If you are taking some time to get out of the heat this summer, go online and check out USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service’s improved  online census questionnaire demonstration site. “Responding to the census will be easier than ever before in December. It is our hope that producers will become familiar with the online census … Read More

Funding Sources Info – Or is “Free Money” Worth It?

This article was featured in the Summer 2017 Quarterly. For those who could not attend, a brief recap of several of meetings across ENY Liz Higgins of the Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Program (ENYCHP) held to discuss the reality of hunting and gathering funding for starting or expanding ag businesses. By Liz Higgins and Sandy Buxton, Cornell … Read More

“Meat and Greet Fair” Brings Farmers to Local Tables

This article was featured in the Summer 2017 Quarterly. By RJ Anderson When it comes to shopping for meat, more consumers are looking for products raised locally. Many of those consumers, however, have trouble connecting with nearby farms to satisfy their buying preferences. Looking to break down that barrier in upstate New York was the inaugural Meat & … Read More

Heirloom Tomatoes: For Farmers, A Challenging Love Affair

This article was featured in the Summer 2017 Quarterly. Nothing captures summertime in New England like fresh, locally-grown heirloom tomatoes. Heirlooms have captured the imaginations of chefs and the hearts of farmers’ market shoppers, who just can’t seem to get enough of them; they are the poster fruit of the “buy fresh, buy local” movement. Small farmers … Read More

Everything Old is New Again: Cornell University Researchers Study Industrial Hemp, One of the Earliest Domesticated Plants

This article was featured in the Summer 2017 Quarterly. In early June, Cornell University researchers established three industrial hemp trials, one in Ithaca on the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station and two in Geneva on the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.  There are no industrial hemp varieties developed for New York, so we are … Read More

Oyster Farming Workshop for Veterans in South Bay, Long Island

Calling all military veterans interested in oyster farming! This free event will take place on August 12th, from 9:00am-1:30pm, and will include a tour of a shellfish hatchery, a boat ride, and a hands-on workshop in the shallow water focusing on the following topics: oyster farming demonstration, equipment, oyster management, and financial aspects of a small … Read More

Small Farm Product Liability: Coverage for Your Farm Products

This article was featured in the Summer 2017 Quarterly. by Reuben Dourte If farming was to be broken down to its most simple definition, one could describe it as the supply side of a complex ‘manufacturing’ assembly line.  Agricultural products raised or produced by farmers find their way into an expansive array of goods.  As with … Read More

Aspiring Urban Farmer Workshop for Veterans in Brooklyn, NY

Are you a Military Veteran interested in Urban Farming? Attend a day long workshop for aspiring farmers! The workshop will kick off at Brooklyn Grange where you will get your hands in the soil working alongside the crew. Followed by a guided tour of the Union Square Greenmarket. The day will be tied up by sharing … Read More

Bans on the apple industry’s go-to thinning chemical, carbaryl, by retailers such as Whole Foods Markets have prompted New York apple producers, CCE educators and Cornell researchers to team up to examine a mechanical blossom thinning alternative to carbaryl

This article was featured in the Summer 2017 Quarterly. by RJ Anderson For optimal yield and fruit quality, apple growers in the United States have long relied on chemical solutions to generate spring blossom thinning to promote the growth of larger, higher-quality fruit by giving them less competition for carbohydrate. However, in the last couple of … Read More

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