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List of Items for a Beginning Sheep Farmer, Part One

List of Items for a Beginning Sheep Farmer, Part One: Tips and Resources for Beginning Sheep Farmers by Ulf Kintzel “What do I need when I start?” It is a question that is posed to me often. The almost inevitable follow-up question almost always is “Where do I get it”? I figured I should compile a list … Read More

Funding Sources Info – Or Is ‘Free Money’ Worth It?

For those who could not attend, a brief recap of several of meetings across ENY Liz Higgins of the Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Program (ENYCHP) held to discuss the reality of hunting and gathering funding for starting or expanding ag businesses. By Liz Higgins and Sandy Buxton, Cornell Cooperative Extension My phone rings on a … Read More

Trading Boots: a Veteran’s Transition into Agriculture

Samuel Palmer works at Cross Island Farms to gain experience for his budding new career: farmer. by Alyssa Couse Jefferson County, NY is home to two prominent ways of life: agriculture and the military.  The proximity of Fort Drum to local farms and agribusinesses creates an opportunity for the two worlds to collide.  As different … Read More

2-day Tractor Training Intensive with Shane LaBrake in the Hudson Valley

Increasing production on the farm can often require investments in equipment to improve labor efficiency. Are you a farmer who is interested in scaling up farm production through investment in your first tractor or upgrading to a bigger piece of equipment? The Cornell Small Farms Program will be hosting a two-day workshop for farmers in … Read More

Pig Production Grows Quickly

by Jo E. Prout Pig production runs the gamut Greene County farmer Bitta Albright is entering her fourth season in pig production, after starting with only two to raise for herself. “They’re very addictive. You can’t just have one pig,” she said. “We enjoy it. Oh, my gosh! I started with two for meat for … Read More

Farmers Should Know Their Responsibilities, Workers Their Rights

by Elizabeth Henderson A farmer who runs a mid-sized vegetable farm fires a worker.  The only reason she gives is that the worker wears purple too often.  Does this farmer have the legal right to fire a worker this way? When I ask this question of the would-be farmers who take my workshop on creating a … Read More

Know Your Costs

Starting a small farm is a beautiful dream. Equally important is to know your costs and capability in the first year. by Krati Pachori Rows of bountiful green spinach, vines of beans hanging low, juicy tomatoes hanging down from the branches, and sweet red strawberries running across the field; a farm life has beauty and abundance … Read More

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship

by Ellen Fagan New York State is the third leading producer of dairy products in the United States. However, if its dairy industry continues to follow the trend it’s on, it might not be for long. Dairy farms have been disappearing from New York’s landscape for decades. From 1998 to 2007, NY lost over 2,000 … Read More

Using the Scale of Permanence as a Tool for Land Evaluation

by Steve Gabriel Whether looking for land to purchase for farming or planning the use of an existing property you own, the task of understanding and taking advantage of the unique environmental qualities your site has to offer can be daunting. As with any ecosystem, the ecology of a farm is complex, and takes time … Read More

Learn better grazing methods for health and profit

Grazing Management (BF 231) Improve Your Triple Bottom Line Through Better Grazing an online course through the Northeast Beginning Farmer Project Thurs. March 17 – April 21, 2016, with webinars each Thurs evening from 6:30-8pm Grazing means more than simply turning livestock out onto a green area and hoping for the best. With planning and … Read More

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