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For Rent: Cheap Grazing Land?

With over 3 million idle acres in NY , maybe there’s some out there for you. by Nancy Glazier Undeveloped rural land in New York is generally classified into three categories: active agricultural, forest, or idle. Over 3 million acres of vacant land lay idle, waiting for an opportunity. Not all of this land should … Read More

New York Dairy Farm Business Summary for 2014

by Richard Kimmich Each year, the Cornell Dairy Farm Business Summary and Analysis (DFBS) Program analyzes data from dairy farms across the state and provides the participating farmers with information to assist in improving the financial management of their business. This data is also summarized across the state and publications are generated for different aspects … Read More

Vital Signs: Split-Second Animal Performance Monitoring for Cows

by Meg Grzeskiewicz Before I launch into my first SFQ article, I’d like to introduce myself. I am the owner of Rhinestone Cattle Co, a grassfed beef and grazing consulting operation in Western New York. After I graduated from West Virginia University in 2012, I worked as an intern for expert grazier Greg Judy in Missouri. … Read More

Considerations for Winter Grazing Your Sheep

By Ulf Kintzel Winter is here once again. In this article I would like to share what I have learned over the years when it comes to grazing in cold and freezing conditions and with snow on the ground. Snow on the ground does not necessarily mean that the grazing season ends. Sheep have the ability … Read More

My Grazing Cycle

By Ulf Kintzel Fall is here and once again we have to decide how long our pastures should be grazed without negatively affecting next year’s growth. In this article I will talk about my experience of when to stop grazing and when to resume in the spring. Before I begin, I need to mention that I … Read More

Ovines in the Vines?

A New Idea for the Finger Lakes Region of New York By Nancy Glazier Grazing sheep in vineyards has been an idea we have tossed around for a while. This spring Hans Walter-Peterson and Mike Colizzi with the Finger Lakes Grape Program and I sat down to actually talk about it. This practice is done … Read More

The Importance of Residual Forage

By Ulf Kintzel I learned my shepherding skills in Germany, tending sheep on public land, often part of landscape care. The grass always had to be grazed short. It had to be “cleaned up”. It was a requirement by those who wrote out the leases who were primarily concerned with a certain look or protected … Read More

March is Frost Seeding Time!

Spring may seem far away as winter winds and snows blow, but start planning now for pasture improvement. By Nancy Glazier March is a great time of the year to add some legumes into your pastures or hayfields. It is a way to improve pastures without losing a production year. Added legumes will boost production … Read More

Bale Grazing: Feed the Cattle, Feed the Pasture

By Brett Chedzoy At Angus Glen Farm, the two areas where we’ve made the greatest gains in winter feeding efficiency in recent years are by reducing human and mechanical energy inputs (my time and tractor time). Several years ago we transitioned to outwintering and “bale grazing”. This strategy can be used in different ways on … Read More

The Calves Come Home

How to calm down, observe nature, and supercharge your results! By Eric Noel When I started grazing cattle nine years ago I had no clue about what I was doing, how things would turn out, and how much nature takes care of things on her own.  As the years went by I found that relaxing, … Read More

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