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Ecological Collaboratory Learns from Wellspring Forest Farm and School

Agroforestry extension specialist, Steve Gabriel, works for the Cornell Small Farms Program in addition to owning and operating Wellspring Forest Farm and School with his wife, Elizabeth. Their farm and school run on ecologically conscious agroforestry principles, where each final product they sell is dependent on another aspect of their farm. Their principles of farming … Read More

Donate Your Extra Harvest to the Hungry…With Help

Reduce food waste and feed those in need with the help of gleaning groups and other food rescue programs. by Elizabeth Burrichter Nearly 40 percent of food produced in America goes to waste, and an overwhelming majority of that food ends up in landfills. This number is hard to swallow not only for the environmental … Read More

State Veterinarian Reminds New York Poultry Industry to Always Practice Good Biosecurity Measures

from NYSDAM New York State Veterinarian Dr. David Smith reminds New York’s poultry industry to practice good biosecurity to keep their birds free from avian influenza and other diseases.  In the Northwestern and Central parts of the United States, animal health officials have detected a few new strains of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) among … Read More

Growing Sub-tropic Vegetables in New York City

by Sarah Nechamen East New York is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York that is home to 180,000 people yet for many years only four or five grocery stores. Many supermarket companies didn’t think opening a branch in this low-income part of the city would be economically viable, and the stores that were there just … Read More

Less Waste in the Landfills, More Food on People’s Plates

Farmers in Vermont incorporate food rescue and composting to benefit their community and farm viability. By Rachel Carter Vermont is taking recycling and waste reduction to a whole new level with the Universal Recycling Law, passed unanimously by the legislature in 2012. Universal Recycling bans disposal of recyclables (metal, glass, plastics #1 & #2, and … Read More