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Selecting a Used Tractor for Your Farm, Part II: Locating a Tractor

By Rich Taber In the first installment of this series on selecting a farm tractor, I covered the tractor features that might be needed for you to accomplish your goals on the typical farm. In this second installment, I cover some of the different ways you might locate and purchase a tractor that suits your … Read More

Your New Farming Partner: Fish

By Ed DuQuette In the Summer 2014 issue of Small Farm Quarterly, we discussed the worldwide phenomenon known as Aquaponics. Getting started isn’t as complicated as you might think. It’s simple; you start with a fish tank, some fish and starter plants. Your new farming partner swims, eats, generates a lot of waste and does all … Read More

Selecting a Tractor for the Small Farm

By Rich Taber OK, you bought the farm, and you have moved onto the property, with excitement, and anticipating new activities in your farming ventures.  There are a tremendous number of activities that need to be done on a small farm, regardless of the size.  For the new or beginning farmer, one inevitable hurdle to … Read More

Fishing for a New Way to Farm

Aquaponics — a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture – is becoming a world-wide phenomenon. By Edward DuQuette About 8 years ago, my wife, daughter and I made the 2500 mile trek across the United States from our East coast home that’s been in our family for almost 100 years, to the great State of Utah. Our new … Read More

Anaerobic Digesters

By Elizabeth Newbold Anaerobic Digesters: an opportunity for farms to use manure for energy production, bedding and fertilizer Anaerobic digestion systems for dairy farms are growing in popularity across the United States. In July 2010, the EPA estimated that 157 digester projects were operating on a commercial scale nationwide. Of those 157 digesters, 22 were … Read More

Farm Hack: A Community for Farm Innovation

by Kristen Loria Started in 2011 by a team of farmers and engineers from the Northeast, Farm Hack is a project of the National Young Farmers’ Coalition in partnership with the Greenhorns. The start of Farm Hack came with an offer from MIT to host a teaching event that could connect ‘do-gooder’ engineers with farmer’s … Read More

Vegetable Equipment Considerations for New Farmers

by Sara Runkel and Tianna DuPont Equipment is expensive. But often it can pay for itself quickly if you get the right tool for your farm. We would like to share a few considerations and tips we have learned through a recent equipment demonstration at the Seed Farm New Farmer Training and Incubator Program in … Read More

Water Saving Strategies for Your Farm & Garden

by Patricia Brhel It’s been a long, hot summer. July was the hottest month in over a century, and a lot of farmers, from tiny one acre plots to hundreds-of- acre century farms, have been worried about their water supply. It turns out that those who farm using old fashioned or organic principals are faring … Read More

The Right Tool for the Job

By Brad Halm Tools are now and have always been vital to farming: They’re how we interact with the land to get things done. Whether it’s a stirrup hoe or a cultivating tractor, our favorite tools become extensions of our bodies, as we use them again and again. We farmers have a very interesting relationship … Read More

Using Online Surveys and Polls to Connect with Your Clients

by Michelle Podolec Surveys help you gauge what your customers think of your business, and give you the chance to learn more about what they want from you. Online polls can help you gather feedback quickly and easily from your customers. While not appropriate for every business or situation (sometimes paper surveys can get a … Read More

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