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Personal Protective Equipment: Chainsaw Safety, Part 2

by Rich Taber This second part article on chainsaw safety is part of our CCE Chenango grant project done in collaboration with the New York Farm Viability Institute, “Increased Farm Profitability and Diversity through Value-Added Forest Products Initiative”.  We have been encouraging farmers and woodland owners to develop forest based enterprises, many of which at … Read More

Chainsaw Safety, an Absolute Necessity

by Rich Taber Most farmers and rural landowners own chainsaws for a variety of purposes, the majority of which involve the cutting of trees and firewood.  Chainsaws, in the hands of the untrained or those who do not follow common safety rules, are in danger of causing serious injury or death to themselves. This year … Read More

The National ROPS Rebate Program: A Lifesaving Initiative Just for Farmers

The National ROPS Rebate Program: A Lifesaving Initiative Just for Farmers By Pam Tinc, Senior Research Coordinator Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety: Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing In June 2010, New York Farm Bureau member David Huse was returning home after a day of mowing hay on a friend’s farm when he was struck … Read More

Now Accepting Applications for the John May Farm Safety Fund!

by Alissa Kent The John May Farm Safety Fund is a funding assistance program that was launched by the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH) in January of 2016. The Safety Fund, set up by NYCAMH, honors the organization’s co-founder Dr. John May and will assist New York farmers who need financial … Read More

Take the Time to Operate Your Chainsaw Safely

by Erika Scott Though the sun is out and summer is in full swing, the thought of the next heating season is never far off.  Many of us use firewood to heat our home, and plenty of folks fell trees and split their own firewood.  If you cut your own firewood for personal use or … Read More

“Sharp” Students Improving Farm Safety

by Amy Weakly The Veterinary Practices program, Occupational Health, and Safety SkillsUSA Team consisting of Seniors Morgan Hastwell, (Adirondack Central School), Kayla Weakley, (Adirondack Central School) and Destiny Mooney, (South Lewis Central School) are striving to improve farm safety.  SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry, working together to ensure America has a … Read More

Northeast Ag Safety & Health Coalition Meets for their Second Annual Meeting

by James Carrabba On May 3-4, 2016, the Northeast Agricultural Safety and Health Coalition held their second annual meeting at the NYCAMH office in Cooperstown, NY. The very first meeting of the Coalition was held here at NYCAMH in May 2015. At this year’s meeting there were eighteen individuals from six different Northeast states present, which … Read More

The Safe and Efficient Use of Tractor Three Point Hitches

by Rich Taber Tractors can be wonderful devices to accomplish a whole bunch of different tasks on a farm. Three point hitches are an integral part of most tractors nowadays; they are so useful that even draft horse enthusiasts are adapting some forecarts with such useful devices. However, there are certain guidelines to follow in … Read More

Safety Regulations and the Small Farm

Look to OSHA for guidance for a safe workplace. by Marybeth Vargha As a small farm operation, you probably already know that farms are mostly under the radar of OSHA safety and health inspections.  The US government granted small agricultural enterprises an exemption from OSHA jurisdiction.  This exemption is for farms who hire 10 or … Read More

Farm Work and Your Health

Summer on the farm a healthy place to be, but avoid pushing your body to the limit. by Marybeth Vargha I remember friends from Philadelphia coming up to visit our farm for the first time.  They eagerly wanted the work experience.  It didn’t take long during a weeding session for someone to say, “This is … Read More

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