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Small Farms Staff to Present at “Farmer to Farmer” Conference

If you head out to the Homer C. Thompson Research Farm in Freeville, NY, you’ll find a field filled with permanent beds in the organic section of the farm. These beds have been under trial for four years using different combinations of tarps, mulches, and tillage depths to discover the ideal system for an organic … Read More

Hay You! Should I Make My Hay or Buy It?

By Rich Taber, CCE Chenango As the haying season winds down across the northeast, I am left to ponder the eternal question; should I keep on trying to make hay for my livestock every year, or buy it? Well, “the devil is in the details”, as the old saying goes. First off, I am going … Read More

A Dark Cloud Looms Over Farmland

Farm Succession Planning in Vermont Shines Light for a New Generation of Farmers By Rachel Carter “I want to die with my boots on,” a New England farmer stated in a focus group held by the American Farmland Trust and Land For Good, to study U.S. Census of Agriculture data on retiring farmers and future plans … Read More

Memorable Legacy or Major Obstacle In the Farmer’s Estate Plan?

Land offers both challenges and opportunities in transfer to the next generation. by John H. Lavelle, Attorney at Law One of the defining characteristics of farming is the presence of significant real property. This property is essential to the business, the family, and a way of life. In many ways, a farmer is exactly like … Read More

Comparing Farm Personal Property and Business Personal Property

by Reuben Dourte If you have found yourself in the situation of expanding your farming operations to business activities that fall outside of the scope of normal or traditional farming ventures, you probably need to take time to reevaluate your insurance coverages. Often, farming policies will exclude coverage for what the insurance company considers as … Read More