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Climate Change on the County Level

If you haven’t already seen the impact of climate change in your area, you can now. A  new tool allows users to view change in climate by county, thanks to work by the Cornell Center for Climate Smart Farming and Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions . The tool should be particularly useful to educators, … Read More

Help your Soil Thrive in Hotter, Meaner Weather

Climate change is here. Is your soil ready? Carrie Koplinka-Loehr When Grant Gayman straddles the boundary line between his backyard and his neighbor’s cornfield in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, one boot is on his own turf and the other rests a step down — a whole 12 inches lower — in the dirt. Fifty years ago, when … Read More

Climate Smart Farming (Part 2)

Getting a Leg Up on Climate Change by Jonathan Lambert & Abbie Kramer From increased flooding and short-term drought, to heat stress and unexpected freeze risk, the effects of climate variability and change are exacerbating the challenges that farmers already face on a daily basis. Climate change presents an unprecedented test for the ingenuity of … Read More

Climate Smart Farming

How is the Changing Climate Affecting Your Farm?  by Jonathan Lambert As many are certainly aware, the earth’s climate and weather are always in flux.  However, the rate of change in climate conditions and severe weather events we are seeing today is far beyond what previous generations have had to face, and is having a noticeable … Read More