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Resource Spotlight

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Read about Farm Happenings in the Small Farms Quarterly

Looking for ‘how-to’ articles about farming, and the latest tools, tips and research? Read our Spring edition of the seasonal Small Farms Quarterly magazine.

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New! Future of the Livestock Industry

Livestock production has a huge potential for growth in New York with markets available and hungry local foods consumers. Click here to read this brand new report.

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Starting a Farm?

Do you need help turning your farm dream into action? The self-guided tutorials in our “Plan Your Farm Hub” walk you through drafting the foundation for your business plan. Visit the Plan Your Farm Hub.

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Funding Opportunities

Looking for grants and loans? Be sure to check out the new webinar presentation Free Money? for tips to help you find a good fit for your farm financing needs!

Feature 5

Video: Climbing the Ladder to Ag Management (Spanish)

This clip introduces Sergio Rosario who is a professional grafter and business owner of an orchard in western New York. Subtitled in English.

Feature 6

Starting a log-grown shiitake enterprise?

Walk through our short lessons to learn about critical aspects of planning for a viable shiitake business. Click here!

Feature 7

Programs for Farmer Veterans

Veterans often encounter unique obstacles when considering entering into farming. Read about the resources and training we’re offering to military veterans at our Farm Ops page.

Feature 8

Reduced Tillage and Soil Health

This project works to help vegetable growers integrate practices that work on their own farm. We do field research, partner with farmers and extension educators, and aim to build a network of growers to share experience. Click here.


Explorations of Growing the Kiwiberry in the Northeast

Kiwiberries could be the next big horticultural crop for producers in the Northeast, according to researchers. Kiwiberries are a perennial vine which produce grape-sized, smooth-skinned fruit, that look and taste like their tropical namesake. The fruit has a complex flavor profile and is easy to consume making it especially desirable in regions where they are … Read More

Labor-Ready Trainings Support Farm Management Skills

The first three months of 2019 have been a whirlwind of activity for the Labor Ready Project. In this retrospect, Nicole Waters shares how the project’s recent trainings supported both advanced beginning farmers and farm managers in business and management skills. The accumulation of months of outreach and preparation came to fruition during March for … Read More

Galaxy Suite of Tomatoes Takes Off

A recent study of consumer demands found that New York State residents want more products that are local, organic, and possess high quality, diverse flavors. In response to this feedback, plant breeder Phillip Griffiths, associate professor of plant breeding and genetics at Cornell AgriTech, developed a new line of grape tomatoes. After being thoroughly consumer … Read More