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Maplestone Farm CSA and Pastured Meats LLC

12651175_789050051199683_2798302495347719405_nMaplestone Farm CSA and Pastured Meats LLC is a small family farm located seven miles southwest of Geneva, NY. Since 2012, they have been providing pastured poultry, naturally grown vegetables, and pastured pork to area consumers through their 60-member CSA and local farm-to-table restaurants. We are also passionate about advocating for local agriculture and educating chefs about where there food comes from and how to work with farmers on a seasonal, crop-available, whole-animal philosophy.

Location: Stanley, NY


Top 3 Products: Pastured poultry, vegetables, and pastured pork.

How has the Profit Team Program helped your farm?: We are just getting started, so we are excited to find out!

When you envision your farm business five years from now, what differences do you see?: I would like to be able to be known as THE premier local foods producer in the Finger Lakes. I 11252172_719176811520341_2878102804759098773_n-600x450would also like to be well-known as an agritourism destination for barn-weddings and events and farm-stays.

If you weren’t a farmer, what would your dream job be?: Being a farmer is my dream job!

What is your best piece of advice for an aspiring farmer?: Don’t grow too quickly (business-wise) and know your numbers! Also, take the time to network and make connections within the industry. It’s always important who you know.


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