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Cornell Crop and Pest Management Guidelines – A Management Tool for Small Farmers

If you’ve been looking for up-to-date crop and pest management information, the Cornell Crop and Pest Management Guidelines are for you!

Referred to as the Cornell Guidelines, this series of publications provides useful crop and pest management information for small-scale growers. Each Cornell Guideline title is routinely updated to reflect current crop production practices and the latest pest management strategies (including pesticide options) for emerging and existing pests of economic concern. The Cornell Guidelines are designed as a practical guide for producers, consultants, educators, pesticide dealers, and others involved in producing agricultural crops.

Currently, Cornell Guidelines are available for the following:

  • Berry crops (excluding grapes).
  • Field crops.
  • Grapes.
  • Greenhouse crops and herbaceous ornamentals.
  • Hops.
  • Tree fruit.
  • Trees and shrubs.
  • Vegetables.

The Cornell Guidelines are available as a print copy, online-only access, or a package that combines print and online access. Cornell Guidelines can be purchased through any Cornell Cooperative Extension office or from the Cornell Store at Cornell University. To order from the Cornell Store, call (844) 688-7620 or order online at


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