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The Work Team and the December 2010 revisions were funded by the Cornell Small Farm Program.  We are grateful for  the support received from Dr. Anu Rangarajan, Matthew Goldfarb, and Violet Stone.

January 2010 revisions were funded in part by the Niche Meat Processors Assistance Network and the New York State Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative. The initial paper was funded in part by a Food and Industry Development Grant received from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and through the contributions of  NY Farms!, Cornell University Department of Animal Science and Fallow Hollow Deer Farm.

Many thanks are due Clarence Davis, Supervising Food Inspector, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Division of Food Safety and Inspection for meeting with us on numerous occasions and answering our hundreds of questions.

Special thanks are due Peter Duryea of the USDA PDD for his review and suggestions for improving this document.

Members of New York Small Farm Work Team on Livestock Processing Issues  2010-2011 

  • Dr. tatiana Luisa Stanton, Cornell Animal Science./farmer (TEAM CO-LEADER)
  • Martha Goodsell, Fallow Hollow Deer Farm (TEAM CO-LEADER)
  • Debra Ball, Eagle Bridge Custom Meats (processor)
  • Laura Biasillo, CCE Broome County
  • Lynn Bliven, CCE Allegany County / Wild Geese Farm
  • Marty Broccoli, CCE Oneida County
  • Tom Gallagher,  CCE Albany County
  • Michael Gloss, King Bird Farm (farmer/ processor)
  • Chris Harmon, CADE
  • Dr. James Hayes, Sapbush Hollow Farm (farmer/ processor)
  • Kathleen Harris, Northeast Livestock Processing Service Company
  • Betsy Hodges, CCE St. Lawrence County
  • Matthew LeRoux, CCE Toompkins County
  • Jim McLaughlin, Cornerstone Farm Ventures
  • Shannon Nichols, Heamour Farm (farmer)
  • Audrey Reith, CCE Orange County
  • Heather Sanford, The Piggery (farmer/ processor)
  • Kirby Selkirk, Kirbside Gardens (farmer)
  • Eric Shelley, SUNY Cobleskill Meats Lab / Cowboy Custom Cutting (processor)
  • Lindsay Wickham, NY Farm Bureau


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